An Irish breath on the Costa del Sol


Barboru Calahonda is the best value restaurant on the Costa del Sol. Its amazing breakfast, the Sunday lunches, Brunch, or live music are a good idea to go to Barboru.
We have a wide terrace where you can have breakfast, lung or dinner with the best views in Calahonda, days of clarity can see Gibraltar and the mountains of Morocco.
Host Carl makes you feel like home, nothing escapes him to make you spend the best evening in the restaurant.
It is also the best place to celebrate your birthday or anniversary.
The best prices, always in Barboru.

Call 952 933 158 or email


Homemade Hamburgers in  #Barboru

Homemade Hamburgers in #Barboru

#Barboru  C.C. El Zoco Calahonda

#Barboru C.C. El Zoco Calahonda