Marketing Online is the way for your business develop.


Look around…  What is more common …

A person reading a Newspaper or skimming through their Phone or tablet?

Did you know that more than 60% of travellers usually or always reference reviewsof a venue before choosing where to eat? Do you know how to manage your business reviews? Do you even know how to work them to your advantage?

More people shop online than ever before and the percentage is growing. So…  Imagine   The worst thing in the world happens… You get a bad review.

They didn’t like your restaurant … Or Facebook has negative comments about your Boutique…

Make your answers attract more customers!

We will show you how to answer and even do the answering for you if required. We promote your position on websites… increase reviews and hence increase footfall,.  Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google + or Instagram and more. We can help you to get more clients and hence increase income for your business.

The Fun Media Company is the best at what we do.

If you are a Web Designer with experience, please read on! Founded and based in Marbella in 2010 we are expanding. Can you work with our team of ‘customer service addicts’ ?

If so ,We need to talk


Review webs can help you to get more clients to your business every day.