5 good reasons for your RESTAURANT'S social media strategy

Perhaps you may not believe it, but social media is more important now than it has ever been.  Not just for chatting to friends, but to local restaurants and business. Why is it?  Because many customers connect with local restaurants over social media.

Fun Media gives you the low down on what we need to know! The Term Social Media has evolved but it is far more than social. These days, Social media is everywhere.  

 So…. You are wondering why you need a local social media marketing strategy?

You  already have a brand presence in ‘real’ life. Customers recognize your brand. Is it enough? In this world of mobile phones and on line shopping… probably not. If you’re still posting to your entire fan base without aiming your message  at a target… then you’re missing the point of social media. You need to be at the social media party.. not just an outsider looking on.

What Target I hear you ask…  Clients… Past, Present and FUTURE!! An online presence needs to be not only social – but to build relationships with your customers/users/ clients, etc it’s not easy carrying on a conversation with 2,000 + people every week,  and while it’s important to maintain an active national or global brand presence (this is only for internationals brands business), you need to connect with your audience on a local and personal level.

 We have narrowed it down to main 5 reasons you need to make your business or  restaurant’s social media strategy LOCAL:

1. Strengthen existing relationships. Build and maintain relationships with the people your business serves day in and day out, --really they are your best fans--. If you’re connecting with loyal customers online, there’s a good chance they will spread your content to their networks, thus giving you wider reach in the community you’re serving.

2. Offer local specials every week. By managing specials and promoting them at the local level, you’re rewarding your community for their patronage and loyalty. Best value menu, Live music, Bounce Back deals from on line sources…Special prices, offer reduced price wines, or promoting an special dessert to support an local Charity. Your ‘Fans’ get better deals! So .. it makes sense to them to ‘follow’ you… and in turn talk about you to friends.. .. and in turn re visit your business…  Are you getting the idea?

3. Increased results in online search. This includes SEO and SMO (more about this  in another post). With local pages that are optimized and active, (like magazines, news papers, and groups) you have a better chance of appearing in someone’s search for “a terrace restaurant in Marbella if two or three  of your ‘Fans’ have been to it. So, next time a passer by  searches on his phone  for ‘ food near me now’ .. YOUR restaurant is top of his screen!

4. Personalized communications. The Internet is a global market, but we don’t want to get all the market, we have to get the brand local but it’s hard to capture the day to day customer experience. If you’re posting to local interest sites, it’s easier to stay on top of store-level specials, events and connections. From these accounts you can connect with other local businesses and your regulars. It is an ongoing process… Today’s world never stops moving … and the business that succeed are the ones who keep in step with the constant hunger of today’s client for information…  One client compared his business as ‘ His baby’ … It needed constant attention… but the rewards were amazing.

5. Audience growth for target demographics. Using local email lists, social ad targeting and geo-targeted posts, you can ensure you’re talking to your local audience. When you’re taking the time to market via social, you want to make sure your message is getting to the right audience. With local media targeting you can hyper-target your posts for maximum exposure where it matters. In your Pocket!

Before diving in, make sure to take the time to detail out a local social marketing strategy and content strategy. Cover all your bases by optimizing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Foursquare and your Google maps/G+ pages. Keep in mind that this strategy should not be rushed. Take the time to train your managers and operators on your brand voice and personality of your restaurant or business, as well as the do’s and don’t of social media to ensure every account, whether global or local, is a perfect reflection of your company.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you just found it! Reach out to the team at The Fun Media Company (fun@funmedia.es) call +34 684 122 218 tweet us @Funmedia2 or follow on facebook.  You can do what you do best, Running YOUR business… while WE inform the real world .. as well as the virtual world..  all about you.

After all, when was the last time you saw somebody look up something on their phone…?  Wouldn’t it be better if they found your restaurant and not the one down the street….

But don’t just take our word for it … Ask our existing clients..

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