Why my clients are always the same? 7 strategies to attract new diners

If you see that your clients are almost always the same, Congratulations! That means you've known loyalty to your guests thanks to your fine dining and your friendly service. But what happens with new clients? How to attract those who prefer to visit the competition or never come into your restaurant?
We propose to implement one (or several) of these 7 strategies designed with the aim to attract new customers to your business:
1. Create a daily "low cost". If in theaters work successfully "spectator's day", why not set a specific day of the week in which the dishes of your chart are 30% cheaper or in your menu has a reduced price the usual? What if you put your Tuesday tapas at a single price of 1 €?
2. Themed dinners with which attract fans or experts in a particular subject. For example, calls to your establishment wine tastings, dinners for moviegoers, sitting around a literary novelty, fans of a TV series, etc.
3. Make most flexible your menu. Increasing customer demand courses that suit your needs and tastes. It presented a menu in which much of your recipes can be consumed in the form of cap or half rations. Media also offers menus.
4. Organize music sessions. Music is an interesting attraction for many customers. Invites groups in the area to attract younger or a set of jazz Animate the most romantic dinners ...
5. Make a promotional campaign of your local for your neighborhood or district. A mailing with a coupon discount can encourage many neighbors to visit.
6. Remodeling your decor. Maybe with a new image, you receive the visit of new guests attracted by curiosity to see the new location, although the menu has just been amended.
7.Sort tasting menu for two on your social networks. It is likely that the followers of your Facebook page, Instagramers or your Twitter unaccompanied by a new customer who does not know your restaurant.